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My goal that night was to spend a couple hours photographing the Milky Way. Those plans quickly changed. What started at 20:00 as a sliver of aurora on the northern horizon grew to a full sky display within 45 minutes that lasted until dawn. This image was captured at the “Original Humboldt Historic Site” 100 km east of Saskatoon. The windy conditions that night are reflected in the movement of the Union Jack flag that flew over the steel skeleton recreation of the Humboldt telegraph station. The biggest challenge shooting that night was choosing where to aim the camera. Over 90% of the sky was glowing with aurora! No sleep that night. August 5, 2019 03:32 CST. Fujifilm X-H1, Bower 8mm 8mm f2.8 13 secs. 2500 iso untracked
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