The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) offers an Astroimaging Certificate program. Three certificates are available:

  • RASC Astroimager - Wide Field
  • RASC Astroimager - Solar System
  • RASC Astroimager - Deep Sky

The purpose of this certificate program is to introduce members to many types of astronomical imaging (Wide Field), to learn basic techniques of photographing solar system objects (Solar System) and to learn basic techniques of photographing deep-sky objects (Deep Sky).

This site is the home for image galleries of the RASC Astroimaging Certificate program. Each gallery contains the images submitted by RASC members in fulfillment of a certificate. You are welcome to browse the galleries and get inspired to take up astroimaging or step up your game.

All RASC members are welcome to submit images for a certificate in one or more categories. Details on requirements and how to submit are found on the RASC Astroimaging Certificate page.