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I drove for four hours through blowing snow until I finally found a clear sky near Borden, SK, just 20 minutes before the eclipse started. I used the Photo Pills app to choose where to set my tripod in order to line up the path of the moon with the arc of the bridge. A temperature of -35c (plus wind chill) required changing the camera battery every 30 minutes. Images were taken at five minute intervals. I varied the exposure time on the frames as the eclipse progressed through the various stages. The final image was layered in Photoshop CC. This image was featured as the Photo of The Week by Skynews in February 2018. January 31, 2018 05:06-08:40 CST. Fujifilm X-E2, Fujifilm 10-24mm 17.4mm f4 1/200 to 1.5 sec. 1600 iso (cropped) untracked
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