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Jupiter and Io, 2015-03-07

Jupiter and Io, 2015-03-07

This is the first astrophoto I've taken since January 20th... what a winter! Aren't Canadian winter skies supposed to be clear and steady? Finally a good night, but even still, I had to take my scope up to my friends' house because their driveway is clear of snow and ice... it sinks down into the snow at my place, making it impossible to align and use it.
Anyway, here's a shot of Jupiter and Io using my 8" SCT, 3X Barlow, and my trusty T3i. I made this from 25% of the best frames from a three-minute video, and did the processing in PIPP and Images Plus. I'm glad I still remember how to do this :-)
Frame selection was performed in PIPP, and frame stacking and post-processing was performed in Images Plus. Post-processing included statistical sharpening, edge sharpening, saturation boost, noise reduction, and stretching, mostly done using masks.
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