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Saturn 2014-06-22

Saturn 2014-06-22

The seeing has been very poor lately, but tonight it finally calmed down enough for me to give Saturn a shot. I assembled this from a three-minute video I took with my T3i. I think it turned out pretty well (the seeing wasn't as good as I expected), although I think my goal of capturing the Encke gap is slipping away night by night... this year's opposition (and more to come) are on the low part of the ecliptic from northern skies, so Saturn has to punch through a lot of atmosphere to reach my latitude. Perhaps a vacation to the South Pacific is in order...
Video taken with a T3i DSLR on an 8"SCT/AVX mount combo. Frame selection performed in PIPP, and frame stacking and post-processing was performed in Images Plus. Post-processing included statistical sharpening, edge sharpening, saturation boost, noise reduction, and stretching, mostly done using masks. Rings were processed separately from the planet disk.
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