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05 - Ross Lake star trails

05 - Ross Lake star trails

05 - Ross Lake Star Trails
Ross Lake – Haliburton
Star trails show the path of stars across the night sky over time. The central star that looks almost stationary is Polaris, towards which the axis of the Earth points. I was encouraged by RASC members to try StarStax to make startrails, rather than use old-fashioned film (which I tried with my old Nikon camera somewhat successfully), or just using a long exposure with my DSLR. I was amazed at the facility with which the program worked. For this composite, I removed the images which had the red lights of airplanes streaking across the image. I think this resulted in some areas of the image not having complete startrails.
10:55 pm, July 11, 2016 – 1:03 am, Aug 12, 2016
f/4 30 sec ISO – 1600 focal length 17mm
233 images Stacked in StarStax
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