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Lunar Views, 2016-11-08

Lunar Views, 2016-11-08

Here are four views of the Moon, taken one day past first quarter. Upper left: This area of the Moon has many old, worn craters. A couple of interesting things here are the rays that cover this area and point the way to the crater Tycho (outside the image) and the nice crater train towards the lower-left of the image. Upper right: This image shows the Straight Wall, which appears when the sun is hitting this area of the Moon at a low angle. While it looks like a steep cliff, the straight wall is actually several kilometers wide and only 200-300 m high. Lower left: The largest crater in this image is Copernicus. Some interesting things of note: there are two large "ghost" craters here - can you find them? See the line of tiny craters above Copernicus? They are secondary impact craters made by the ejecta from the Copernicus impact. Lower right: The crater in the centre of this image is Tycho, which features a conspicuous central peak and an ejecta blanket. The large crater at lower right is Clavius. In the upper right corner of the image there are two small crater chains. Can you see them?
All images taken my 7DII DSLR through my 8" SCT on an Advanced VX mount. Frame selection, stacking, and post-processing done in PIPP, Registax, and Images Plus. Composition made with Paint Shop Pro. From Hammonds Plains, NS.
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