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The Red Planet, 2016-05-18

The Red Planet, 2016-05-18

This is my first "real" Mars image of 2016, having waited until it was higher in the sky. Lots of features visible here. A partial list:
- The northern ice cap (pretty small though)
- Syrtis Major
- Tyrrhenum
- Cimmerium,
- Elysium (with mountaintop clouds)
- Hesperia
- Utopia
- A large area of cloud or frost near the south pole
Video taken with a 7DII DSLR on an 8"SCT/AVX mount combo. Frame selection performed in PIPP, and frame stacking and post-processing was performed in Images Plus. Post-processing included statistical sharpening, edge sharpening, saturation boost, noise reduction, and stretching, mostly done using masks. From my driveway in Hammonds Plains, NS.
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